From concept to ship-ready UX design

I take sophisticated and niche web or software product concepts from idea to ready-to-ship designs. Start your project today.

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Comparison image between a pen drawing and high-fidelity software prototype

A seasoned approach to design thinking

To get your innovative ideas off the ground and into market, we'll take these high-level steps. We will take a collaborative approach and address any nuances to hone in on your business goals.

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Understand how to best serve your target audience and know better where to create value in your product.



Define the problem, identify success criteria and feature roadmapping to use as our guide moving forward.



The fun stuff starts here - collaborative ideation, wireframes and UX flows to flesh out the product's features.



Continuous alignment with development, a thorough design QA, theming and UI design to align with your brand.



Internal docs for onboarding future design and development teams; external docs for user help and support.



Your new website or app, ready to launch - with design documentation handed off, and onboarding training complete.


From pre-funded startups to regulated institutions

I’ve worked with a wide range of clients, like startups with nothing but an idea, helping to identify  roadmap features. I've executed with corporations who have predefined requirements, contributing to a digital transformation.

I love to take on clientele whose products and services I can really get behind and get excited about. Some of the sectors that these fall into may include: natural and overall health and wellbeing, mental health, education, arts and culture. If any of these resonate with your business, we need to talk!

Her creativity and attention to detail result in a high-quality, polished product. I’ve been impressed with Nan’s level of organization and thoughtfulness in project management.

Rushi Panchal

Silver Audio

Nan was an awesome teammate on a complex project involving collaboration across many technical areas, from early architectural phases to product release.

Gabriel Bourget


Nan’s attention to detail, open communication, resourcefulness, and care made working with her an incredible experience.

Brett Shannon

Carleton-India Accelerator Program

Nan gave my project more potential than I ever imagined, taking the concept I carried around on a napkin and turning it into something tangible.

Keisha Gomes

Live. Learn. Educate.

Nan is exceptionally talented at listening to our problem and delivering a solution that beat our standards for excellence. I cannot recommend Nan enough. Try her solutions. I'm confident you will be impressed.

Stephen Rolston

Watercolour at Westport
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My work

Component UI, design systems, documentation, and communication

Outside of the visual elements, my work is all-encompassing - like ensuring knowledge gaps are identified between technical and non-technical stakeholders, and adjusting my designs with the latest research.

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Thumbnail of a sample screen from my Silver Audio desktop-based web app project.

Silver Audio

Lead Product Designer
4 months

Improve workflow productivity and ease-of-use for remote file collaboration in the audio production industry

Thumbnail of a sample screen from my CloudSoft desktop-based web app project.


Lead UX Designer
6 months

Increase consistency in processes & practises across sterilization sites, increase visibility in quality control

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