Nan: artist at heart, productivity junkie

Design has always been a big part of my life; it started with tracing Sailor Moon posters and calling them my own art at the age of 6, to hardcoding the tackiest looking blog designs at 12, and now to designing full-time in my career. What is life outside of this?
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Work experience

Product, UX, graphic and web...

Lead Product Designer at Silver Audio

January 2024 -> Present

Lead UX/UI Designer at Syntronic

July 2022 -> November 2023

UI Designer at Rockport Networks

March 2021 -> June 2022

UX/UI Designer at Conference Board of Canada

October 2019 -> March 2021

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Interactive Multimedia and Design: Bachelor’s of Information Technology

Carleton University 2014

Graduated from the “BIT” degree, where they injected everyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. With a focus on game design and development, all course subject matter encompassed everything from A to Z from concept to delivery on tech based entertainment. This included:

Outside of work

Non-design (ish) hobbies...

I'm usually doing something related to people, if I can manage to leave the computer. Otherwise a good chunk of my hobbies are right in my beloved laptop.

I host a global virtual meetup where women from other parts of the world get together to participate in open forum discussions, design reviews, and more.

I host inclusive social meetups in different regions of Montreal for newcomers and others who are seeking camaraderie, friendship and adventure.

Sometimes I don't manage to leave my laptop because I'm figuring out ways to configure Notion databases and formulas for my productivity workflows...