Series of phone screens to show padel splash screen, dashboard page, starting a booking, and viewing available facilities to book.
Mobile & web consumer app

Padel and Friends

Padel is a popular sport in Europe, gaining recent traction in North America, and supported by the likes of Daniel Alfredsson from the NHL! Although it's such an easy sport to pick up, the little problem in Ottawa is that there is only 1 location that provides the facilities to support it.

Series of screenshots showing low-fidelity wireframes of earlier designs for the Padel mobile app project
Role and contributions

Product roadmap to proof-of-concept

The client, PM and I teamed up to develop the roadmap. I created lo-fi wireframes and brought the designs to proof-of-concept. A prototype was implemented by our developer team.
Screenshots of individuals online looking for padel court availability in Ottawa, showing a single accessible facility
Problem & pain points

Looking for Padel court availability

Racket sport enthusiasts face a challenge of finding court availability for playing. For the Padel sport specifically, there’s one venue in Ottawa offering courts.

Busy on a schedule

The most enthusiastic racket players regularly seek out places and times to play between their busy schedules.


Large bookings

Players often book their favourite courts online and in advance for  them and a large group of their friends.

Series of screenshots showing the web administration panel for facility managers, showing booking cancellations and orders.
The web administration application allows facility management view existing court availability, and high level booking statistics such as revenue, number of current active bookings, and the average booking duration.
Accompanying web administration app

Facility management and statistics

Court bookings are populated into the web-based administration system, and high level statistics to show facility performance, such as orders placed, revenue over time, and average booking durations.

Design decisions

Design for user preference

Interviewees indicated they prefer specific courts if they know the facility. It allows for players sensitive to their surroundings to conveniently choose their favourite region in the gym.

Two screens showing earlier designs and improved design to allow for users to select a preferred court to play on
In the improved design, the user is able to choose a specific court to book if it's available.
Allowing the system to automatically cancel any bookings for a court for maintenance at any given time helps ensure safety. Two screens are showing a cancellation email to the player for updated bookings from the facility management system
To prioritize safety, the facility management system cancels any bookings when maintenance is scheduled for any given court.
User priorities

Incorporating convenience and safety

Emergencies or unsafe courts were not to be overlooked, so we prioritized the facility’s choice to adjust to time slots, and provide as much information to players on cancellation as possible.

  1. Allowed custom facility notes to inform managers on rationale behind loss of profit

  2. To avoid as much inconvenience as possible, time slots that were modified but not cancelled (pricing or time) allowed users to keep their booking, or initiate a free refund

Progress to-date

Continual progress despite challenges

While a solidified proof of concept has been designed and developed, a beta release and further testing is still needed.

Mockup image of a person holding a phone with the QR code screen showing to indicate they are ready to start their booking and enter the facility using the code
QR code for entry into the facility and court

Lessons learned

Due to a constant turnover of team members in combination with low stakeholder engagement, more time was spent onboarding than decision making. Here are a few other challenges we faced.

Roadmap alignment

Aligning the team with the feature roadmap was a challenge due to low stakeholder engagement. In the future a good practise is to prepare meeting formats and tabling non-essential discussions.

Resource constraints

We scaled the MVP to fit the team's skillsets, but there was constant turnover. To progress, we deferred larger roadmap features requested by stakeholders to later phases.

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